“Drop” is an intelligent home system that provides a pleasant shower experience and shower data analysis. The system enables the user to adjust water pressure and temperature, play music, choose shower modes and data visualization. During the shower, the device shows the water usage and time spent to alert the user to water consumption. Moreover, the system has an assistant mobile application that lets the user preset and personalize their shower experience by enabling control over water pressure and temperature, their music playlist and shower modes. Users can choose their shower mode depending on their situation, for example, “Fast Mode” is for a rush Monday morning and “Wellness” Mode is for a relaxing Friday evening. When the user is finished showering, the system will display or announce the shower data, indicating factors such as time, water usage, equivalent cost, average water pressure and temperature. 
“水滴”是一套可以提供舒适沐浴体验和沐浴数据分析的家居智能系统。本系统可以提供水压调节、水温调节、音乐播放、选择沐浴模式和数据可视化的服务。在沐浴过程中,设备会显示用水量和时间来提醒用户节能节水。此外,系统带有一款辅助的移动终端App,它可以让用户们预先和个性化设置他们的洗澡偏好,比如水压、水温、音乐播放列表和沐浴模式。用户能根据他们的情况来选择不同的沐浴模式, 例如快速模式适用于匆忙的周一早晨,而健康模式适用于悠闲的周五晚上。在每次沐浴结束后,系统会显示或播报沐浴过程的数据取决于用户的偏好,比如时长、水耗、同比的花费、平均水压和水温。
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项目参与 Project Credits:

界面设计II Interface Design II
交互设计系 Interaction Design Division

设计师 Designers
Chris Shangqing Yan
Nils Riesenberg
Laura Staszewski
导师 Advisor
Fabian Gronbach

大学 University
Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd
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